"MIC group" shy "relationship" with Mijas

The reputable businessman Sergei Mikhailov, better known in certain circles as Mihas, tued out to be very shy business partners. We are talking about the co-founders of the company "Mitz-Group" Andrei Ryabinsky and Alexander Kopylkov. As soon as it became known that they were doing business together with Mijas, they hurried to leave the company. However, as found out Rucriminal.info, in reality, Ryabinsky and Kopylkov remained in a joint project with the Mikhailov family, however, through their representatives.

In the autumn of 2017, the media reported the first information that the daughter of Sergei Mikhailov Vera Seregin, along with Ryabinsky and Kopylkov, is a co-owner of the construction company Novoglagolevo-3. According to EGRUL Seregina owned 50 percent of the company, and its partners — 25% each. In tu Ryabinsky and Kopylkov co-founders of "Mitz-groups". This is a large developer, it employs 1.5 thousand employees, the company is building more than 600 thousand square meters of housing. For example, erects a residential quarter "Tatiana Park", consisting of 23 buildings in the South-West of Moscow, near Solntseva.

In October 2018, this topic received a "second life", various resources again began to talk about the "kinship" of Ryabinsky and Kopylkov with Mihas. Here the co "MIC group" is clearly embarrassed such close proximity. As found out Rucriminal.info, in the same October 2018 Ryabinsky and Kopylkov left the founders of "Novoglagolevo-3", and the new owner of 50 % of the company was a certain Tretyakov Valery. However, it can be assumed that the transaction was fictitious, and the LLC was introduced face value. This is evidenced by the fact that Olga Borisovna Korobova, who is a member of the Board of Directors of the MIC group of companies, remained the Director General of Novoglagolevo-3.

In addition to "Novoglagolevo-3" Vera Seregina is the owner of a number of companies. For example, "Astrus-Telecom". This is a telecommunications company, a communications operator, and it is located in the house 146 on Leninsky Prospekt. The building of the former Central tourist house – in 90-e years the headquarters of the solntsevskaya and Mijas, which it passed into the possession of. Now in this building a lot of enterprises controlled by Mikhailov, including the hotel "Astrus". "Astrus-Telecom" has been fined twice by Roskomnadzor in recent years.  The first time for not providing information on the basis of calculation of mandatory contributions (non-tax payments) to the reserve of universal service. And the second time for not restricting access to Inteet sites included in the register of prohibited information.

I would like to dwell on this point in more detail. The fact that Mihas just tortured different media demanding the removal of "prohibited" information, to which it refers all the articles about his criminal past and leadership in the Solntsevo OPG. "Forbidden" articles about other persons, Mikhailov is not interested and his communication operator does not want to block them.

Can and truth on Sergei Mikhailov slander? To check this Rucriminal.info applied to two databases: the leaders of organized crime groups (composed of Department for combating organized crime) and ZITS. Below we provide extracts from them. Our database leaders of organized crime groups state that: "the Chairman of the COOPERATIVE STARTED AS an ORDINARY RECITER. IN 1984, SENTENCED TO 3 YEARS CONDITIONALLY UNDER ARTICLE 95, 180. IN 1989, ARRESTED AGAIN ON CHARGES OF RACKETEERING (EXTORTING MONEY FROM ROSENBAUM), BEFORE THE COURT CASE CAME. IN 1993 HE WAS DETAINED FOR POSSESSION OF A FIREARM".

In ZITS the criminal record of Mikhailov in 1984 is specified. However, the only term he received for "little things". Mikhailov had a motorcycle, which he prudently insured. Once a young man unnecessarily dismantled it for parts and sold to friends. And then I went to the police wrote a statement about the theft and on its basis received an insurance payment. In 1984, this Scam "surfaced", Sergei was arrested and charged with embezzling money through fraud and false denunciation. He spent half a year in custody, and then the Solntsevo court sentenced him to three years in prison "probation".

But, the information specified in the database leaders of organized crime groups, is extremely interesting. Especially in light of the new law that the leaders of the criminal world almost automatically have to go to jail. The story of the businessman Vadim Rosenbaum generally more like a Thriller in the spirit of "the Godfather".

According to operational data, by 1989, more than 30 cooperatives were paying tribute to Mijas and his team. All controlled by cooperatives the leaders of solntsevskaya appointed to any office. The same Mikhailov was listed as the chief engineer of the cooperative "Berezka" and the head of the supply Department of the cooperative "Fund". The latter structure has become a real "cash cow" for solntsevsky. "Fund" was created by Vadim Grigorievich Rosenbaum. Initially, it was envisaged that the cooperative would deal with inteational transportation. However, Rosenbaum quickly realized that delivering other people's goods is much less profitable than bringing their own to Russia. As a result, he began to buy computers in France and deliver them to Moscow. Rosenbaum had connections at customs, as a result of ten trucks with goods, the necessary fees were paid only with one. In the capital, the price of computers was prohibitive and reached 50 thousand dollars. apiece. The profit of such a business was enormous. In addition, Rosenbaum still hunted and smuggling to Moscow cocaine hidden in the same computers. Drug powder was then in the capital of the exotic and were very expensive. Understandably wealthy businessman and his co-op constantly subjected to "raids" of different gangs.

When the bandits once again came to Rosenbaum and demanded money, he asked his friend to find him people who would help to fight off the visitors. He advised the Mijas and Faith Sr. For their services, the couple asked a fairly modest fee – to buy them a foreign car and pay for a trip to Germany. As a result, small gangsters Rosenbaum strayed, but was under the tight control of the solntsevskaya. At first, Sergei Timofeev (Sylvester began his career in the ranks of the Solntsevo OPG) came to him and also demanded a foreign car, which was not included in the terms of the agreement. Timofeev was not used to hearing the word "no": he told Rosenbaum that if he did not give a new Volvo within three days, he would get "on the counter". Soon the bandit handed the car. But solntsevsky again appeared on the threshold of the "Fund". This time they wanted to receive a monthly tribute. In a nasty case threatened to kill Rosenbaum. As a result, soon the cooperative was replenished by a group of new employees: the head of the supply Department, Mihas, Deputy Chairman for sports and recreational work, Avera-senior, managing Director, Lustrik, head of security service, Avera-Junior. Everyone put a salary of 1000 rubles.   

In 1989, the capital's operatives collected an extensive dossier on the growing strength of the Solntsevo OPG, as a result, a series of criminal cases about racketeering against cooperative leaders were bo. Victims willingly wrote statements in militia as Mikhas and To impudent every day and took away to themselves the lion's share of the income. Among the applicants was Rosenbaum.  All the materials of the investigations featured 24 of the affected cooperative. 7 December 1989 were taken into custody a group of leaders of the solntsevskaya, including Mikhailov, Timofeev, Lustenau (Lustrik) and Viktor Averin. Later arrested and shepovalov (Whispered). All of them were accused of extortion. From prison Sylvester and Michas sent the foremen "the kite", which ordered them to disband units or to join other groups. And then began to happen events are very characteristic of the time. The case against Whispered, disappeared right out of the courthouse. Investigators had to gather all new materials. However, by this time all the victims and witnesses refused to testify. The same situation occurred with the investigation against Mikhail and Avera.  The victims were threatened, and one by one they began to refuse statements. Some cooperators just went abroad. The most intractable was Rosenbaum. But he surrendered a little more than a year later. The Chairman of "Fund" sent to law enforcement agencies the statement in which asked to release three "careless employees"- Mikhailov, Averin and Lyustaov – and promised to bail them for re-education. The conflict with them, Rosenbaum in the message carried to working moments in "Fund". As a result, on July 30, 1991, the trio of solntsevsky leaders was released. Only Sylvester, who was not an employee of the cooperative, remained in custody.

It is worth noting that Mihas and Ko also forgave the cooperator, only the amount of tribute has increased significantly. Rosenbaum tried to resist the leaders of the organized crime group. In 1992, he through a friend even managed to meet up with Jap and asked for his protection. However, "thief in law" had carefully followed the career of Barcelona, he sympathized with the young Slavic "authority", so he told the Chairman of the "Foundation" that he should respect the criminal code and adopt the "strings" Mikhailov. As a result, Rosenbaum left their country. When in 1996 Mihas was arrested in Switzerland Rosenbaum was to speak at the trial of the leader solntsevsky as one of the main witnesses of the prosecution. However, he didn't reach court. On the night of 29-30 July 1997, Rosenbaum was shot dead in the Dutch town of Osterhaut. This crime was able to organize a very good friend of Mijas "the thief in the law" Andrey Isaev named the Painting (he was later killed in Poland during a showdown with local gangsters).

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

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